IBank Loan Profile: Sacramento County

Sacramento County

Sacramento County


LOCATION: North Highlands, CA


AMOUNT ISSUED: $35 million


DATE ISSUED: January 17, 2023


ABOUT: Sacramento County will use the funds to build the North Area Recovery Station Commercial Waste Transfer Building project in North Highlands. The project will include the construction of a new 62,000 square foot commercial waste transfer building, a loading area, mechanical and electrical systems, an observation area, and paved access for operation purposes. The new building will improve the county’s ability to manage solid waste and meet the needs of a growing Sacramento region.

The new structure will be an enclosed transfer building for organic waste and municipal solid waste. The facility will receive both residential source-separated organic waste (green waste, food waste, and food-soiled paper) and commercially collected municipal solid waste. Senate Bill 1383 (2016) mandates that organic waste be collected and diverted from landfills to mitigate pollution and reduce greenhouse gases. The county’s indoor facility will provide better odor and pest control.

The project will also improve operational efficiency and safety by separating commercial hauler traffic from self-haul private traffic. This will create improved service times, reduce truck idle times, and improve operational safety overall.