Bond Financing Program

Tax-exempt and taxable conduit revenue bond financing is available featuring:

  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Long-Term Financing
  • Flexible Terms

Board Approved Bond Financings

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Types of IBank Bond Financing:

501(c)(3) Bonds

Tax-exempt financing to eligible nonprofit public benefit corporations for the acquisition and/or improvement of facilities and capital assets. Typical borrowers include cultural, educational, charitable and recreational organizations, research institutes and other types of organizations that provide public benefits.

Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs)
Tax-exempt financing up to $10 million for qualified manufacturing and processing companies for the construction or acquisition of facilities and equipment. IDBs allow private companies to borrow at low interest rates normally reserved for state and local governmental entities.

Exempt Facility Bonds
Tax-exempt financing for projects that are government-owned or consist of private improvements within publicly-owned facilities, such as private airline improvements at publicly-owned airports.

Public Agency Revenue Bonds (PARBs)
Bond financings for various State entities and programs.

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For more information contact:

Fariba K Fariba Khoie, Bond Program Manager

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