Reporting Tool

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank), is pleased to provide a  interactive reporting tool. With this tool, you can search for details on IBank financings of public infrastructure, private activity, and economic development projects throughout California. Select the image below to enter the IBank interactive reporting tool. The introductory reporting tool shows IBank financings approved in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

OpenGov Reporting ToolSearch for details on IBank finances.

Navigation Tips

IBank reporting tool allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface. Here are some basic tips for exploring the database.

    • At the top of the left column, select what type of data you wish to view (Operating Statistics or Financial Data).
    • Click on Views on the left-hand side to see a list of common or favorite views on each report.
    • Click on Filters to select exactly which data you want to include, or exclude, from your graph or chart.
    • Use the Fiscal Year slider bar at the bottom of the Filters list to specify the time period for the data you wish to view.
    • Use the image icons at the top right to specify what type of graph you wish to view (pie chart, bar graph, etc.).
    • Clicking on a graph will drill down a layer into the data. For example, when viewing a graph of data by county, click the portion of the graph for a specific county to see the data broken down by transit systems within that county.
    • Below any chart or graph, you can view a Table detailing the financial information in the visualization above.
    • Click the Share button at the top right for options to share your graph via social media, or to download the data as an image or a spreadsheet.